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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Literary Lures: Yara from Once Upon a Twilight

Literary Lures is a new feature here at Wastepaper Prose that will run every Wednesday into the fall. Some awesome bloggers will be stopping by to tell you what hooks them on books and give some recommendations of books they love.

Yara from Once Upon a Twilight is here today to share what about books lures her in. She'll tell how she picks new reads, why she'll part ways with a book, and what she can't get enough of right now. 

Where you can find her... 

List the top three things that hook you into buying a book. 
The main thing would be word of mouth, then the cover and finally the blurb.

What type of storyline never fails to grab your attention? 
Everything and anything dystopian lately.

What kind of love stories do you always fall for? What makes you want to root for those couples? 
I am a big sap, so I DO love the Happy Ever After, if its not I usually get turn off from the book. When a couple deserves to be in love, I hope all the best for them in the author's writing. I hope that they don't had ego suffer to much to get that H.E.A.

Some books get released as quickly as you snatched them up. What makes you put a book down and how do you know it’s time?
I will put a book down just as quick as I began reading it, if the book is insulting people in real life sense. I think thats just not necessary especially when you are writing fiction. I also can't read some rape scenes, they leave me very troubled.

Books that have hooked Yara: 

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  1. Happily Ever After love stories FTW! I LOVE those :P

    This is such an awesome feature!