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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Author Insight: Author Editions

If you got the opportunity to write an author edition of one of your books, what deleted scenes or extras would be included?

"That’s a hard question, because I try hard to put the deleted scenes out of my mind. I really do believe the finished product is the book that was meant to be out in the world, so I’m not really hung up on deleted scenes. I would like to (and probably will, on my website!) share a soundtrack to Meant to Be. Music is really important to the story, and also to me as a writer, so look for that!" - Lauren Morrill, author of Meant to Be.

"Extras would include select spreads from scrapbooks such as these ones I made for Sea Hearts/The Brides of Rollrock Island. Deleted scenes I wouldn’t restore; there’s usually an excellent reason why they were deleted. I might include a short story or two recycled from a deleted scene, though." - Margo Lanagan, author of The Brides of Rollrock Island

"None. I kind of hate that stuff. I get really into books and movies, so when new stuff is released that isn’t included in the final product, I go, “Is this official? Did this really happen to the characters?” Like alternate endings on DVDs—what is the actual ending? I want to know. Tell me. Does Will Smith really blow himself up with a grenade or did he make it out alive?" - Dan Krokos, author of False Memory

"With Devine Intervention, the author's edition would come with a fresh, hot corn dog." - Martha Brockenbrough, author of Devine Intervention

"I'd love to include an extra novella from Ethan's point of view when he first joined the Brotherhood. (Btw, I'm excited to drop a hint that Anastasia Forever which comes out in August, does have a time travel scene that puts Anne up close and personal with Ethan's former love Tasha, who was first introduced in a minor role in Haunted!)" - Joy Peble, author of Anastasia Forever

"I don’t think I’d add a scene – for the most part, when something gets deleted, it’s for a good reason.  OTOH, it might be fun to do an author commentary…" - Greg Leitich Smith, author of Chronal Engine

"Well, I only have two out, but it'd have to be Wanderlove. More art! More adventures!" - Kirsten Hubbard, author of Wanderlove.

"I would include paper dolls of Cam from Fairy Tale, in which you could dress him in various attractive fairy garb." - Cyn Balog, author of Touched

"None. Everything I ended up cutting from my books, even the stuff changed at my editor’s behest, made the book better. Not only that, but I see my books as finished products and wouldn’t want to pull a George Lucas by messing around with what’s already 'out there.'" - Dayna Lorentz, author of No Safety in Numbers

"With Six Innings, I cut 10,000 words in order to hone the narrative closer to the bone. I posted 4-5 deleted scenes on my blog at Jamespreller.com. As stand-alone scenes, they were fine, but we concluded that they distracted from the forward push of the storyline. But in most cases, the deleted parts were cut for good reason; no one needs to read them. A well done Q & A is always nice at the end of a book." - James Preller, author of Before You Go

"For Pushing the Limits, I'd love to include a deleted scene where Echo’s best friend, Lila, comes over to Noah's house (Echo's boyfriend). Echo’s worlds collide and Lila ends up in an argument with Noah's friend, Beth. The two end up in a food fight and Noah has to physically restrain them. The scene always made me laugh. - Katie McGarry, author of Pushing the Limits

"I would love to include the music and/or music videos that Linus sings to Marcie. As for deleted scenes, I think my editor deleted them for a reason. I’ll trust her judgment." - Sarah Tregay, author of Love and Leftovers

"We would not add anything to either of the books we’ve published, but we might go in and cut a few things out. Every book can use a million line edits, so I’m sure we’d be able to find cuts throughout both of the books. And some people feel that From What I Remember is too long, so we’d probably go in and find ways to shorten it. But we can’t think of anything that we would add in to either book." - Stacy Kramer & Valerie Thomas, co-authors of From What I Remember

Stop by Thursday to find out what the rest of the authors would include in an author edition of their book!
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