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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Literary Lures: Amy from My Overstuffed Shelf

Literary Lures is a new feature here at Wastepaper Prose that will run every Wednesday into the fall. Some awesome bloggers will be stopping by to tell you what hooks them on books and give some recommendations of books they love.

Amy from My Overstuffed Bookshelf is here today to tell you what hooks her about books. She'll talk about why she buys books, what types of stories always make her want to take a read, and how she knows a book isn't for her. 

Where you can find her... 

List the top three things that hook you into buying a book.
As much as I hate to judge a book by a cover, the very first thing is just that.  If your book has a cover that is amazing, I can guarantee that I will more than likely buy it.  Second thing is that summary on the back of your book better capture my interest with the short synopsis provided.  Third is I always read the first couple of pages in the book store before buying.  If your book can capture my interest within those few pages, I will buy it. There are so many books on the market today that I need that gratifying fix within the first chapter.

What type of storyline never fails to grab your attention?
This one is a hard one for me because I have such an eclectic taste with my reading interests.  I could be in the mood for suspense, young adult, erotica or even historicals.  The one main theme that usually runs in any of those is romance. Whether it be forbidden, angst filled or even down and dirty, you can bet I will read it if there is a romance involved.

What kind of love stories do you always fall for? What makes you want to root for those couples?
Hmm...I would say the ones with underdogs in them.  You know the ones I am talking about.  The ones where the hero/heroine is not popular, the outsider, the ones that aren't drop dead gorgeous -- anything in that spectrum. I always want to cheer for them because they are the ones that usually deserve the love the most!

Some books get released as quickly as you snatched them up. What makes you let a book go and how do you know it’s time?
If a book hasn't captured me by the halfway mark and it is one I purchased myself -- not for review purposes only -- it gets passed on to someone else. I usually offer my books to another blogging buddy first, then it gets donated to my local library that is in desperate need of them.  If it is a review book that was sent to me, I always try to finish it. If it is completely hopeless though, I do inform the publisher or author and let them know the reasons behind the DNF. But this is that territory where some bloggers refuse to go down.  Even if it is a DNF, I will still post a review on what I DID read. I don't bash the book, but I do point out why it didn't work for me so other readers can have the opinion to weigh in on theirs.

Books that hooked Amy: 

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  1. Thanks for having me! It was so much fun to join in this feature!