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                                                 Wastepaper Prose Founder

No, that's not Stonehenge behind me. It's FOAMHENGE!

The brain child of Virginia artist Mark Cline, this to-scale replica of the real thing made of giant pieces of styrofoam is located in Glasgow, Virginia and is one of my absolute favorite places. I say that because it's been years since I first saw it and the novelty hasn't worn off yet. I just can't stay away.

That makes me the person in the middle of the picture. The one obviously not made of styrofoam or some other artistic medium. (Merlin is not in this picture, but he's off to your right there. He's kind of a permanent fixture, all shiny and plastic.)

I'm a native Virginian, who still resents the fact that the weather here can't make up its mind and will go to her grave believing that The Old Dominion is part of the Great South. Do not attempt to tell me otherwise or I will bust out my colloquialisms. I mean, you have to be southern to effectively explain the proper usages of "y'all" and "all y'all" because they are, in fact, different.

 I've been a reader and writer for as long as I can remember. Creative writing classes and study hall (a rare opportunity to read in my over scheduled youth) are quite possibly the only reasons I survived high school. Reading and writing are two things that are still very dear to my heart, and I take every opportunity I get to immerse myself in either.

To pay the bills I write for one of the the nation's oldest newspapers. Much of my free time is devoted to working on my first young adult urban fantasy novel. Journalism and fiction accurately depict the two sides of me. I have a hard exterior, but I'm sickening sweet and positively mushy inside. Cynical and sarcastic on the surface, but, at my core, I believe in magic and true love and the power it can have over two people. One kiss, one touch, one longing look, and a silent moment of understanding... The possibility blows my mind.

At 29 years old, the thought of Prince Charming still makes me melt. (Don't tell anyone, okay? I have a reputation to maintain.)

And that's why I read. Books can achieve fairytale perfection and make you believe it just as easily as they can shine light into the darkest corners of the real world.
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Reviewer / Resident Nerdfighter

Hi, I'm Jessica, a Virginia girl with a wanderlust heart. I am always planning the next big adventure. I love to read. I love to write. I love to state obvious things.

I've been writing for as long as I can remember, but my stories were usually relegated to the forgotten pages of journals past or hidden among random Microsoft Works files on our ancient PC (yes, that says Works). Occasionally, with a hefty push from well-meaning friends and professors, I have been known to put my own work out into the ether, whether in the form of a movie review on a blog or a poem published in a university magazine. I aspire to do that more and more with each bit of encouragement I receive. Cookies are the best encouragement. Just kidding... unless they're chocolate chip.

When I'm not writing, reading, or hiding in plain sight, I wander the lean, mean streets of Alexandria. I'm lucky enough to be married to my best friend- a supercute nerdy boy I met in marching band. We spend our time laughing hysterically at obscure Arrested Development quotes, searching for the perfect pizza crust recipe, and chasing our lovably neurotic Lab mutt Leela. 

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                Reviewer / Certified Wing Aficionado

Wes likes computers and makes a living as a programmer. Our web guru and techie, he's recently come out from behind the computer to share his insights into fiction. He prefers books & wine to long walks on the beach and openly professes his love of the Oxford comma. Football isn't his game, but he is a huge fan of other sports (baseball, basketball, curling, etc.) and can be found watching them when he's not discovering his next TV show of choice or hitting the road for a run. Pictured here is classic Wes.