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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Announcing the 2018 ReRead-A-Thon!

7 days of rereading... 21 book enthusiasts... 21 giveaways for you!

In a just a few weeks, the first ever ReRead-A-Thon will be upon us! What is the ReRead-A-Thon you ask? Well, it's as simple as it sounds folks...

It's an opportunity for you to revisit old favorites, spend time with beloved characters and immerse yourself in their world. It's a chance to give a second chance to a book you didn't connect with on a first read. And if you're the type who believes there are just too many good books waiting in the TBR to reread old ones, this is a week to put your reader guilt aside and indulge a little bit! Your Unread Shelf has waited this long... What's another week?

 This amazing event is the brainchild of avid reader and booktuber Merphy Napier. Like many of us, she'd been lamenting the fact that there's never enough time to read all the galleys and new releases AND fit in rereads of your past 5-Star favorites. To sate the need, she decided we should all devote a week to rereading, which I wholeheartedly support!

During the week, we'll have 21 hosts -- Seven bloggers, seven booktubers and seven bookstagrammers! That means there will be at least three hosts each day posting about rereading, including reflections on Childhood Classics, how rereading can bring new meaning to a book and so much more. There will also be updates and reading sprints on the official Twitter @ReReadathon2018, so be sure to go follow and turn on notifications.

Did I mention the epic number of giveaways yet?


That's right... Every host will be doing a 24-hour flash giveaway for a book or bookish gift card!
(Check out the HOST SCHEDULE.)

Whether rereading means returning to the books you loved and enjoying the ride or taking another chance on a book that didn't resonate with you a couple months or years ago in hopes you find something amongst the pages, we just want you to take the opportunity to kick back and enjoy.

So, my fair readers, prepare to push your current TBR pile aside and join us in the self-indulgent pursuit of bookish bliss! Because there's nothing better than a second helping of dessert when the first taste was so sweet.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh I am so bummed that I missed this! Do you know if it will happen again in 2019?