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Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Author Insight: Writerly Convenience

Outside of the internet, what's your biggest writerly convenience?

"My office. It gives me a space that’s just for Sara the Writer and allows me to leave that persona behind when I step out of the room." - Sara Walsh, author of The Dark Light.

"The woods outside my house. For Thinking Walks, you know." - Stefan Bachmann, author of The Peculiar.

"Five subject notebooks are my weakness. I love buying new notebooks and filling them with plot ideas and character names and sketches. The blank page is full of possibility. If you have a notebook full of blank pages, the universe can be yours." - Robin Bridges, author of The Unfailing Light.

"I love working in my office at home where I have a second computer screen. I can see so much more of the page when I’m working there. So though I love going to coffee shops and writing, I also have definite days that I spend at home when I know I have a ton to accomplish." - P.J. Hoover, author of Solstice.

"Coffee, coffee, coffee." - Lara Avery, author of Anything But Ordinary.

"The internet? That's my biggest writerly inconvenience! The moment I hook up to the net is the moment my writing ends for the day. Without any exaggeration." - Adam Gidwitz, author of In a Glass Grimmly.

"A laptop, hands down. I still remember writing essays on unlined paper, in ink, longhand for my high school English class. I am way too in love with a backspace button to ever go back to that!" - Sharon Cameron, author of The Dark Unwinding.

"Actually, I would say that the internet is often a huge INconvenience. Because it creates all sorts of busy work, and it’s so much fun to check Facebook every ten minutes just in case the old boyfriend has posted something." - Suzanne Selfors, author of The Sweetest Spell.

"Scrivener. I love this writing program so much. It helps me organize my plots and my research all in one place. It is the best! Also, honestly, Mac Freedom, because it turns off the internet." - Malinda Lo, author of Adaptation

"I’m not sure…maybe the bookstore? I text my editor a lot, so maybe texting? Or the fact that a lot of people only have cell phones now and it doesn’t matter if you talk to people who are in your town or across the country, it’s all just cell phone minutes. That can be helpful when connecting with authors that aren’t local." - Julie Cross, author of Tempest.

"Computer. Hands down. Writing books on a typewriter sucked." - A.S. King, author of Ask the Passengers.

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