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Thursday, December 13, 2012

More Author Insight: Fictional Matchmaking

If your character was best friends or in a romantic relationship with a character from another book, who would it be?

"That’s so tough. I can’t imagine Mia being best friends with anyone other than Willie! They are peas and carrots." - Sara Walsh, author of The Dark Light.

"My character is a bit asocial for the first part of the book, being a Victorian waif who's been locked up for most of his life, so I'm not sure how well he'd make friends. But maybe with Sarah from Burnett's The Secret Garden. I think they would get along just fine after she's had a tantrum or two, and he's sulked for a while." - Stefan Bachmann, author of The Peculiar.

"I think Katerina would be best friends with Kate Grable, from Carrie Harris’ Bad Taste in Boys. Kate is another teen with who aspires to become a doctor, but has to deal with those pesky walking dead. I think the two girls have a lot in common." - Robin Bridges, author of The Unfailing Light.

"The main character of Solstice, Piper, has her best friend and her romantic interest in the book. That said, if they didn’t exist, she’d have to do some book hopping to find the right fit. She’s not one to easily form friendships or relationships, so it would have to evolve over time." - P.J. Hoover, author of Solstice.

"I would like Bryce to be friends with Meg from A Wrinkle In Time. Judging by her interest in Calvin, Meg gets along with jocks, and they would totally be able to relate to each other with the whole time warp thing." - Lara Avery, author of Anything But Ordinary.

"My main characters would be best friends with Huckleberry Finn, because who wouldn't be? He's the most fun kid in the history of children's lit." - Adam Gidwitz, author of In a Glass Grimmly.

"I think Katharine would be Anne Shirley’s 'Diana' any day." - Sharon Cameron, author of The Dark Unwinding.

"My girl would be in a relationship with Spiderman, because who doesn’t have a crush on Spiderman?" - Suzanne Selfors, author of The Sweetest Spell.

"The three main characters in Adaptation are already involved in a love triangle, so I don't think they have time to get involved romantically with other characters. :) Being involved with more than one person takes up a lot of time!" - Malinda Lo, author of Adaptation

"I can’t imagine Jackson with anyone but Holly…but I guess if I have to choose, I’d say Ginny Weasley, from Harry Potter, would probably be close to Jackson’s type. Hermione Granger would make a great bff for Jackson." - Julie Cross, author of Tempest.

"I think my character Astrid from Ask the Passengers would probably really love to hang out with Ginny Clemens and her friends from Everybody Sees the Ants. As a group, they could move on and pick up Saffron Adams from Dust of 100 Dogs and Vera Dietz from Please Ignore Vera Dietz. From there, this posse would find all the female characters in books for younger readers and reassure them that the most important things in life are not breasts and boys. They would all be BFFs for life. Fist bumps. The end." - A.S. King, author of Ask the Passengers.

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