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Friday, April 26, 2013

More Author Insight: Peculiar Recaps

NOTE: My apologies that this post is a day late. I didn't catch that it hadn't posted until late Thursday evening. We will be back on schedule starting Tuesday. 
What is the weirdest way someone (possibly you) has recapped your book?

"From San Diego Comic Con: 'Partials is like Battlestar Galactica meets The Stand, starring Hermione as a medical genius.'" - Dan Wells, author of Fragments. 

"I think I heard it described as 'The Sopranos, but with a teen girl and superpowers' once." - Natalie Whipple, author of Transparent

"Well, I just read somewhere that I was the 'force behind Lauren Kate’s Fallen series.' I WISH!! Sadly, not true." - Page Morgan, author of The Beautiful and the Cursed

"My books are kind of weird to begin with, so when I find a recap of one that makes it sound straightforward and ordinary… well, it freaks me out. One time, one of my books was called “chick-lit.” I was horrified but mostly amused." - Nova Ren Suma, author of 17 & Gone.

"'A cockroach can live for days without a head … but it always dies in the end.' That was one of my early – and awful – taglines for 15 Days Without a Head!" - Dave Cousins, author of 15 Days Without a Head.

"I got an AMAZING review in all GIFs for The Program that cracked me up. I think all reviews should come with pictures." - Suzanne Young, author of The Program.

"The recaps I've read have been pretty spot-on--maybe I need to offer my four year-old son a chance to recap the book. He usually has a pretty unique way of phrasing things." - Emma Carlson Berne, author of Never You Let Go

"I don’t think any of the recaps have been particularly weird, though I did have to look up a couple of novels people have compared it to. The coolest comparison was definitely having someone say it reminded them of 'Aliens for YA.'" - Josin McQuein, author of Arclight

"I haven’t heard any weird summaries from readers or reviewers yet, but since the book initially started out much more plot-driven, I once referred to an early draft as 'a Hardy Boys mystery with booze and profanity.'" - Scott Blagden, author of Dear Life, You Suck

"Sean Griswold's Head: About some guys head, but the inside, not the outside, and actually about a girl trying to get into his head, but not really about him at all because there is family stuff. BUY IT NOW!" - Lindsey Leavitt, author of Going Vintage

"An eighth grader recently emailed me that she'd finished my new book, Rebel Spirits, and she cried for an hour afterwards.  Was this good news, or bad?  I couldn't tell whether she'd cried because it disappointed her, or because it ended wrong, or because she hated the book, or something else I was missing entirely.  My writer friends assure me that it is, indeed, good news because this reader was moved to respond emotionally.  I like that explanation." - Lois Ruby, author of Rebel Spirits

Find out Tuesday how the authors conceptualize their characters!

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