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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Literary Lures: Andye from Reading Teen

Literary Lures is a new feature here at Wastepaper Prose that will run every Wednesday into the fall. Some awesome bloggers will be stopping by to tell you what hooks them on books and give some recommendations of books they love.

Andye from Reading Teen is here today to talk about the types of books that hook he. What are the top three things that draw her in? What kind of romance does she love? Why does she put a book down? Today, Andye tells all.  

Where you can find her... 

List the top three things that hook you into buying a book.
  • Positive Book Buzz.  I buy more books because of recommendations from other trusted bloggers than anything else.
  • I hate to admit it, but the cover.  Hello, my name is Andye, and I'm a cover judger.  If the cover grabs my attention, then it makes me want to find out more about the book.
  • Peer pressure.  I know this is kind of like the first thing I mentioned, but there is a difference.  One is overall buzz, and the other is specific pressure from trusted friends to read a certain book.  If someone loves a book, they're relentless!
What type of storyline never fails to grab your attention?
Honestly, right now, anything dystopian.  I've read tons and tons of these books, and I can think of ONE that I didn't care for.  I just love me some imaginative drama!

What kind of love stories do you always fall for? What makes you want to root for those couples?
My favorite love stories are the kind that develop over the course of the entire book (series), and are loaded with tension.  Forbidden love, people!  It's torture, but I like it!

Some books get released as quickly as you snatched them up. What makes you put a book down and how do you know it’s time?
If I love a book, it's all I can think about.  I don't want to stop, and I don't want to do anything else until I've finished it.  So, if I find that I've gone days without reading a particular book, or I'm finding it hard to make myself sit down and read, I know there's something missing.  That's when I decide to say goodbye.

Books that have hooked Andye: 
Forbidden or Tortured Love
Cover Crazy
Favorite Dystopians

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