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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Life attacks, blog interrupted

We interrupt this blog to bring you a public service announcement... 

Guys and gals, I want to apologize for the last few days. Life and work and general crazy have consumed me and getting out from under it has been tough. In an effort not to stress myself out further I opted to let the blog slide for a couple days so I could attempt to straighten some things out. 

At this point, I'd say we are about 70% straight and still climbing. So yay! 

Things should be back on track tomorrow, so just bear with me and I swear I will beat my life into submission. (That or have someone take video of me going down proudly like the captain of the Titanic to post for your enjoyment.) Thanks for your patience, and Wastepaper Prose will be back and better than ever before you can say some really long word of your choosing.

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