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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Author Insight: Sequel Stand-In

If you had to let another author step in for you and write a sequel or companion novel, who would you chose to delve into your fictional world?

"Christopher Moore. I’d be comfortable that his comic style and ability to balance horrific scenes and world-building would be respectful to my crazy work. Oh hell, he’d improve it!" - Daniel Marks, author of Velveteen.

"Such an intriguing question! I recently read Through to You by Emily Hainsworth and I could tell that we’re on the same wavelength.  So if someone were to take over The Memory Chronicles, I would trust her with it." - Lenore Appelhans, author of Level 2. 

"I’d pick the English writer, Sarah Waters. I just read her book The Little Stranger. It’s a cross between a gothic ghost story and a psychological thriller, which is how I view The Innocents. - Lili Peloquin, author of The Innocents

"That would be an amazing circumstance to stumble into! I hope it happens one day. My primary criterion would be skill at developing large themes. Ursula K. Le Guin would probably be my top choice. Can I bring back a dead author to write this sequel? I would consider revivifying Octavia Butler. Secondarily, I'd choose a writer who had a good sense of humor--I might pick M.T. Anderson or (again from the grave) Tove Jansson, who wrote the Moominvalley books." - Steven Arntson, author of The Wrap-Up List.

"Judy Blume. Not that she would ever agree to do it, but I just like imagining my name alongside Judy's, so I'm going to go with her. Plus, you know, she is one talented author!" - Lisa Schroeder, author of Falling for You

"Is Woody Allen available? We already share half a name." - Allen Zadoff, author of Since You Left Me.

"I would choose Robin LaFevers. I recently read Grave Mercy, and I adore her blend of history, fantasy, intrigue, and, of course, romance. And she’s an elegant writer. Or if I could channel Jane Austen…" - Pamela Mingle, author of Kissing Shakespeare.

"Debra Driza, whose debut, MILA 2.0, will be out next year. The two of us share a lot of the same influences, are snarky, and have (I feel) similar writing styles and taste. Debra and I began reading each other’s work well before either of us had agents or book deals, and I would trust her to do right by my characters." - Kathleen Peacock, author of Hemlock.

"I would not hesitate to turn the keys over to Suzanne Young. I love everything she's ever written and I would trust Travis, or my upcoming character Callie, in her hands. I have no doubt their lives would be steamier, but I'm okay with that. - Trish Doller, author of Something Like Normal

"Sarah Rees Brennan writes absolutely wonderful YA comedy, and I think her sense of humour is pretty close to mine. Though I suspect my poor characters would not thank me for handing them over to her tender mercies. She is very evil when it comes to tormenting protagonists (I thoroughly approve of this)." - Helen Keeble, autor of Fang Girl

"Ha! Total fantasy here--I'd pick Neil Gaiman because his character voices always come through so strongly to me, and he pays attention to humor even in the midst of horror. I also think he'd come up with something wildly unique to do to my characters, probably involving hidden portals to a world I'd like to visit. Oh, and he has to read it, too, because he is my total favorite audio book narrator." - Susan Vaught, author of Freaks Like Us

Find out Tuesday who the rest of the authors would trust to write their sequel. 


  1. Such a cool list. I really love that there's a split between wanting the most famous authors and going for debut authors. Glad the debuts got some love!