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Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Author Insight: Coveted Characters

What character in any book do you wish you had written?

"Roland Deschaines in Stephen King's Dark Tower series. Because he's completely unlike any hero I would ever create, so I don't feel guilty about coveting him as a character." - Bethany Griffin, author of Masque of the Read Death.

"Is it cheating if I say Philip Pullman’s daemons from His Dark Materials? I just think that story element is brilliant. I associate people with animals all the time (usually birds), so I would have had great fun coming up with each character’s daemon." - Barry Wolverton, author of Neversink.

"I don't wish I'd written characters in other books. While there are, of course, characters from other books that I love and admire -- some as much as I love my own characters -- what makes those characters special is the way their authors wrote them. They'd be different people if they were mine, and I wouldn't want to change them." - Jodi Meadows, author of Incarnate.

"Roald Dahl's Matilda. She's so clever! And so deserving of her happy ending!" - Elizabeth Miles, author of Fury.

"Turtle in the Westing Game. Because that book is brilliant and Turtle is likable, even while kicking people in the shins." - Sarah Wilson Etienne, author of Harbinger.

"There are so many wonderful characters, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Lyra in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials Trilogy. I find her curiosity and rebelliousness utterly disarming." - Veronica Rossi, author of Under the Never Sky.

"Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. There’s something rather amazing about a character that women are still swooning over two hundred years later. How many writers can claim that?" - Marissa Meyer, author of Cinder.

"Is it too obvious to say Harry Potter?  As a writer, you always hope people will love your stories and your characters and the worlds you create.  And of course you also hope your words will inspire readers to keep on reading.  But to have people embrace your work in such a massive way that it becomes a global phenomenon?  To watch your character inspire millions of readers, children and adults alike, to discover the joy and the fun of reading?  To know that your words will live on for generations, long after you’re gone?  I’m honestly not sure I can imagine anything cooler." - Jess Rothenberg, author of The Catastrophic History of You and Me.

"The twins Castor and Pollux in Robert Heinlein’s Rolling Stones. They’re hilarious and smart and cool, all at the same time." - David Macinnis Gill, author of Invisible Sun.

"Edmond Dantes, from The Count of Monte Cristo.  He’s funny, dark, charismatic, intelligent... perfect!" - Beth Fantaskey, author of Jessica Rules the Dark Side.

"I wish I had created the character Harry Potter. No explanation necessary." - Mary Lindsey, author of Shattered Souls.

"Oooh, I wish I’d created Nancy Drew. She’s the ultimate heroine: strong, fearless, adventurous and supersmart. She’s my absolute favorite and she was always the girl I wanted to be!" - Aimee Agresti, author of Illuminate.

"I love Nick’s voice in Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. He phrases things brilliantly." - Jennifer Echols, author of The One That I Want.


"Jo March from Little Women will always be one of my favorites." - Suzanne Lazear, author of Innocent Darkness.

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