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Friday, January 6, 2012

An Apocalyptic Argument for Physical Books

The zombie apocalypse has arrived, most of the population is dead, and you're fighting off the undead on an almost daily basis. The question is, do you have anything to read? Well, I will because I haven't put all my eggs in one E-basket quite yet.

I have no idea how how we got on to the topic of how books factor into an undead uprising, but Stacey from Page Turners Blog and I got to discussing it after I went to the bookstore last night. My thought was that everyone should buy one physical book for every so many (you can set the number) e-books they buy. That way there will be plenty of books still hanging about even if you aren't. (Sorry to be realistic, but it is the zombie apocalypse and if you've been bitten we aren't going to be all mushy about it.)

You see it in zombie movies and shows all the time. The encroaching hoards take a brief hiatus, and one of the characters finds an old paperback somewhere then kicks up to read. It's never the best book, but it's something.

The trouble is the advent and rapid adoption of e-reader and e-book technologies makes this nearly impossible. Barring the use of a generator, the power will eventually go off. And even if you have a generator, gas is a precious commodity and it will soon be available in increasingly limited supply.

No electricity = No E-Reader.
It's possibly the only thing you'll be sad doesn't come back from the dead. 

That means you'll be searching for reading material when undead downtime occurs, and with people having turned to e-books you'll be left settling for a Haynes automotive manual, a dictionary or worse, a Physician's Desk Reference. No one wants that.

I am by no means saying that you should boycott e-readers, but think about the future! Keep buying hard copies every so often if you want books to survive the zombie apocalypse because unless you own a huge solar array or a hamster farm them your e-reader just isn't going to make it. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


  1. AMEN! A sound argument, apocalypse or no.

  2. Here here! I prefer reading physical copies anyway. I'll do e-galleys but it just doesn't do it for me the way a real book does.

  3. I think having a good balance is key. I generally buy e-books if there is a special or something. But, I have a particular affinity for physical books, because they can be signed by the author.

  4. HA. I had a similar discussion with someone the other day only zombies weren't involved :p

  5. This is awesome!! You are too funny! :)

  6. I love this post! I have to say I love my kindle and read on it all the time, but will always read actual books as well. Something about reading a hard copy of the book is
    always enjoyable. Plus, you have seen what happens when I go to bookstores, my wallet seriously suffers lol. So I guess I might be okay when the zombie apocalypse comes as long as you can help guard me. :). Oh and I have that shirt that you have pictured there so can that protect me? *fingerd crossed*

  7. "It's possibly the only thing you'll be sad doesn't come back from the dead." snicker, snort!

    But seriously, have you ever considered that maybe the reason we never figured out how the Egyptians built the pyramids is because they detailed all their anti-gravity plans on their e-readers? Which were then obliterated the next time a Pharaoh switched all the gods and changed their religion? Huh, huh? It could have happened.

  8. This is the best argument yet for paper books. ;-D Also, I love Dianne Salerni's Egyptian theory!

  9. I agree with BookChic, I prefer physical books anyway! I have a huge collection of printed books so if there is a zombie apocolypse everyone who is not infected is welcome to come here and we can barricade ourselves inside with all the books!

  10. Haha, love this post! I thought I'd never ever get an e-reader because I love books (and the booky smell!) too much but I got a kindle recently and I love it. I still buy 'real' books though and I would hate it if they stopped printing them.

    Plus, I need something to throw at the hoards of undead! (Only books I don't like, of course!)