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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Author Insight: All I need...

What are five things that you always have on hand when writing, either physically or virtually?

"Coffee, tea, or some other liquid medium by which I can deliver caffeine to my system. My trusty MacBook. A dog nearby, for moral support. I usually have some kind of snack on hand –right now gummy bears. A window I can gaze out when I want to look contemplative." - Amy Kathleen Ryan, author of Glow.

"Music, Diet Coke, cherry tomatoes, a space heater... and... a laptop." - Brodi Ashton, author of Everneath.

"A thesaurus. Very useful when you find yourself repeating a word.

A rhyming dictionary. At least when I’m writing poetry.

Water or Earl Grey Tea. One needs to stay hydrated, and Earl Grey always makes me think of writing conferences.

Music – mostly instrumental, and mostly to drown out other noises.

Edward Gorey’s The Unstrung Harp. I keep it by my computer and look at it when I’m stuck, or feeling hopeless. It’s a story of an author trying to write a book, and it’s very funny and VERY telling." - Anna Sheehan, author of A Long, Long Sleep.

"I try pretty hard to not rely on having anything particular on hand to write, cause you never know when it's not going to be there. I just need a working computer and as much peace and quiet as possible. Sometimes a cat hops into my lap to offer editorial assistance and that's always appreciated." - Jeff Hirsch, author of The Eleventh Plague.

"Radio (non-commercial classical music stations); mind-maps of my plot; colored pens to edit the mind-maps; Earl Grey tea; memory sticks to back up my work." -Teresa Flavin, author of The Blackhope Enigma.

"A window. The internet (not to mention the near constant distraction of Free Cell solitaire). A TV set (sometimes on, sometimes not). A telephone (maybe someone will call and I won't have to work). My brain." -Susan Beth Pfeffer, author of Blood Wounds.

"A cup of tea. A Post-It note that says 'Trust Your Voice' that I scribbled to myself back in college. Something interesting to stare at (a window, a strange person nearby) for when I need to glance away from the screen. My Mac Freedom program to turn off my computer’s Internet connection. And a clear idea of what I want to accomplish in this particular writing session." - Jennifer Castle, author of The Beginning of After.

"Laptop, iced coffee, twitter support, comfy chair and remote control (in case I need a break)." - Melissa Walker, author of Small Town Sinners.

"Green tea (never leave home without it!), my macbook, my thesaurus/dictionary, temperature control (either a blanket in the winter, or the A/C in summer), and pasta (I mean, a girl's gotta eat!)" - Julia Karr, author of XVI.

"I always have my laptop. I keep all my files there so I can write wherever I am. I also always have my iphone so I can listen to music and block out other people’s conversations if I’m in a busy place. I usually have something to eat and it usually involves sugar and / or chocolate. Beyond that – I’m good." - Kiki Hamilton, author of The Faerie Ring. 

 "Web browser, email, chocolate, water (in summer) or hot tea (in winter), cats." - Jaclyn Dolamore, author of Between the Sea and Sky.

Come back Tuesday and find out what five things the rest of the authors need while writing!
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