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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Author Insight: Accomplishments

What was one thing you hoped to accomplish as a writer that you already have? What is one thing you still hope to do?

"I wanted to be able to make a living as a writer, and I’m thrilled to say that I have done that. And though it is vain, I do really want to be a finalist for a national award someday." - Amy Kathleen Ryan, author of Glow.

"I always hoped to accomplish getting a really good cover, and I did. Although I can't really claim that as my own accomplishment. One thing I still hope to do is write a book that makes my husband cry. He is a heartless man with cork eyes, and if I could make him cry, that would be awesome." - Brodi Ashton, author of Everneath.

"I hoped to make a difference in someone’s life, and almost immediately I started getting letters and reviews saying that I had. My book had offered hope or support to someone in a bad situation, and I feel if you can do that for even one person, you have fulfilled your role as a writer. I’d love to become a wildly popular bestseller, but not so much for the fame and the money. The more people who have heard of you, the more likely it is that you can reach someone who needs your story... and I then I could make a difference in a lot of people’s lives." - Anna Sheehan, author of A Long, Long Sleep.

"Well, being published was a pretty big hope. From here on out I hope to keep getting published and keep getting better with every book." - Jeff Hirsch, author of The Eleventh Plague.

"My accomplishment is creating a fantasy world that readers seem to find compelling; I’m quite proud of that! I hope to write stories that engage a child so much at age ten that s/he still loves them at age sixteen. I was at a Derek Landy talk recently and was impressed that he had a wide range of ages in attendance. Clearly teenagers are just as big fans of his books as younger kids. I think that’s fantastic." -Teresa Flavin, author of The Blackhope Enigma

"There's a scene in The Fabulous Baker Boys where Beau Bridges announces that he's never had a day job. I couldn't have worded it that way when I first began writing, but that really was my goal. As far as what I hope to do, I don't know. I'm at the end of my career, and pretty satisfied because I never had a day job." -Susan Beth Pfeffer, author of Blood Wounds.

"The experience of walking into a store and seeing my book on the shelf -- that was a dream and now it’s reality. My next Big Moment would be to hear from one reader who tells me my book helped him or her cope with something difficult in life. Anything beyond that is total frosting." - Jennifer Castle, author of The Beginning of After.

"I hoped to publish a book one day! And I still hope to write a middle grade novel at some point..." - Melissa Walker, author of Small Town Sinners.

 "Get a whole lot better as a writer!" - Julia Karr, author of XVI.

"I've sold a book. I’d like to sell the rest of the series of The Faerie Ring as well as books in different genres (I’ve written a realistic contemporary story that I love.) I’d also like to write and sell several other stories that are ticking in my head waiting to get out." - Kiki Hamilton, author of The Faerie Ring. 

"I wanted to establish this as a career, and with five books sold, it's starting to feel more like a career and less like a fluke. Now I'd really like to see a book do well and earn out!" - Jaclyn Dolamore, author of Between the Sea and Sky.

Stop by Thursday to find out what the rest of the authors still hope to accomplish!
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