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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I read what I want! (in September)

That's right. I said it. I'm breaking from the schedule next month and forging my own path. I'm going to read what I want when I want to read it. 

And, if that wasn't enough, I'm encouraging you to rebel with me. 

Pam from Bookalicious, Teresa from Teresa's Reading Corner, Shanyn from Chick Loves Lit, and I started talking about how we continue to buy books even though we tend ignore them because there are review copies coming in and reading schedules to maintain and generally to much to do with life and blogging to keep up with the every-growing pile of books we want to read. So we made a pact to actually read our own books.

Book buying is a habit that's hard to shake, and frankly I don't want to shake it. We all do it. Books and ARCs keep arriving, but you see a bookstore and you think: "That book I wanted just came out, and one more on the TBR won't hurt." But one becomes ten and ten becomes twenty, and suddenly its hurts just to look at your TBR stack.

I know what you're thinking... "I'd love to do this, but I'll get so behind."

Stop feeling guilty! Tear your eyes away from your review stack which is probably looking sad and dejected if you've broken the news to it. Review copies and release dates do not rule your life. Stand your ground and read what you want. (I won't lie and say I won't read an ARC next month, but I will read whatever I want. Reading list be damned!)

Let us know you'll be reading your own books with us in September by leaving your link at the bottom of this post. (Just click the little blue button below my signature and you can leave a name and site link.)We'll also be pairing people up for a blogger bookswap that you can sign up for here until September 1. The Twitter hash tag is #SIRYOBM.

We'll be posting discussion topics with inlinkz four times a week during September so you can join in and share your two cents.

Mondays here at Wastepaper Prose.
Wednesdays at Teresa's Reading Corner.
Thursdays at Chick Loves Lit.
Fridays at Bookalicious.


  1. Wow, I would almost love to have your problem. But then the visual you painted in my head of the two stacks of books is daunting. So I guess I will happy where I am. My biggest problem with reading the books I want is their lack of availability. I certainly don't have the ARC problem right now. And my TBR pile is completely doable. I wish I were your neighbor. Then I could revel in your books stacks and borrow my way into peaceful oblivion.

  2. Ha! I agree with ephrielle, I would love to be your neighbor!

    My TBR pile is super big (a little over 80 on my physical bookshelf to read, but 280 on my Shelfari to read shelf) :) I don't have the ARC problem or deadlines, which is nice (I hope to one day have that problem though, I think the schedules and the deadlines would be fun at least for a little while) I think I'll participate though in September, maybe by then I'll have a little stack of scheduled books to read (or eBooks or something).

    New Follower :)

    Jess @ The Midnight Bookworm

  3. Lol this would be nice to do this, just read what you want but the blogging world has commitments to the publishing world. Good luck in September.

  4. I might join you if I can get my review pile down before the end of August.

  5. Great idea Susan! I actually planned one of these months for myself already, I will be "reading what I want" this December and I can't wait! I'll be following you guys through the month and maybe you will join me in December. :)

  6. I am in but I still have a few review books that have to be done. They have dates attached to them. Here is a link to my post:
    Thank you

  7. I'm in! Already started on my first one.