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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Author Insight: Favorite Part of Fiction

What is your favorite part of writing fiction and why?

"I guess I'll paraphrase Toni Morrison here and say, there are just so many books I want to read that haven't been written yet. The joy of writing fiction is attempting to write those books." - K. Ryer Breese, author of Future Imperfect

"I love being taken away to another world, another life, and all the possibilities that they hold. I adore coming up with new characters, learning their likes and dislikes and seeing them develop in real living breathing people who you care for deeply." - Leigh Fallon, author of The Carrier of the Mark. 

"The emotional unburdening. It’s like free therapy." - Elana Johnson, author of Possession. 

"Those moments when the story just clicks and you are so wrapped up in the world of your characters that you are thinking about them, dreaming about them, waiting for them to walk into your real life, when you realize that you are enjoying the world you have created just as much as some of your favorite fictional worlds that others have created. I write to tell a good story, and those are the moments when I know I might actually be achieving that goal!" - Stephanie Kuehnert, author of Ballads of Suburbia. 

"My favorite part is hearing that one perfect line in my head. I have my favorite sentences in all my books. Oddly, they’re not usually my readers’ favorite sentences. I’ll think something is hilarious and no one else notices. I do write for others, but I also sneak in treats just for myself." - Marta Acosta, author of  Haunted Honeymoon.

"I love visiting other worlds and getting to know new characters. I love that first burst of inspiration,  choosing a notebooks,  and collecting ideas and collaging to get to know those new people coming into my life. I just love the whole process, even on those days when it feels like sticking a pen in your eye might be more fun. I feel deeply lucky and grateful that I get to do what I love, and that readers take the time to write to me and to create fan art." - Alyxandra Harvey, author of Haunting Violet.

"It's freedom. Freedom to explore, to create, to reinvent, to ask 'What If...?' and make up your own answer that solidifies into some form of reality on the page. There are no rules except the ones you give yourself and that's the best place to experiment and see what happens. It's the closest thing to magic." - Dawn Metcalf, author of Luminous

"The part I like the most is when I’m laying awake in bed imagining a scene.  Then I jump up because I’ve discovered something and I have to scribble it down in the dark immediately.  Sadly, this is the part that my husband likes the least." - Josephine Angelini, author of Starcrossed

"When I know something is really working – perhaps a beautiful sentence that goes to the heart of a theme, or a description that is vivid but economical, or an elegant move in the overall structure – then I get a kind of grab in my gut. It is a pure moment of joy and makes all the harder aspects of writing fade into insignificance." - Alison Goodman, author of Eona

"The dead heat, the middle of the story, when anything’s possible and I have NO idea what’s about to happen, when I’m totally immersed. It’s like nothing else. A rush. Transformative. I love writing like John Lennon loved guitars." - Trinity Faegen, author of The Mephisto Covenant.


"Anything can happen. My family has a hard time when I was younger understanding my love of fiction, especially sci-fi or fantasy, because almost everyone in the family is into romance and the classics, but it was really because there was more than just a world of possibilities. I tend to know what will happen in books before it actually happens and I love when something unexpected occurs. It happens to me the most in fiction so naturally I am a little bit obsessed. It is like my love for Doctor Who. He has all of time and space to explore within a fictional realm so you really very literally know that ANYTHING could happen." - Emma Michaels, author of The Thirteenth Chime.

 "Creating worlds and characters and throwing the two together to see what happens. I'm not a fan of the actual writing--that's hard work--but I love building a story, so that's the price I have to pay."- Tera Lynn Childs, author of Sweet Venom

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