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Friday, August 12, 2011

Creature Feature Friday: Mermaids

Mermaids are unlike any other paranormal creature, and Katie from Sophistikatied Reviews is here to tell us why they hod a special place in her heart...

What is a mermaid?
Mermaids are half woman, half fish mythological creatures that sometimes have the power to mesmerize people with just a song. Like sirens, they enjoy the occasional man killing but also like to be heroic and attempt rescue at times as well. Key word: attempt. They can easily forget that humans don’t have gills…

What do you love about mermaids?
I love that they don’t really have a label. They can be cute and loveable like Ariel or they can be totally evil and deadly like the mermaid from She Creature. And they don’t need fangs or claws or super strength to injure anybody; they have their voices. How kick-ass is that? To lure and drown someone by just singing? Unlike vampires and werewolves, who only have stories of bloodlust and full moons, mermaids have this undiscovered world and background that nobody has really explored yet. They’re kind of a mystery and breath of fresh air and I hope they get a bigger spotlight in YA literature in the future! Mermaids FTW!
Favorite mermaid in fiction:
Unfortunately, I haven’t really read the great mermaid novel that has a great mermaid to mention. I’m still waiting for someone to write that one. But I did enjoy Lily Sanderson from Forgive My Fins quite a bit. She was adorably written as an authentic teenager trying to adapt to being a mermaid on land.
Favorite mermaid in pop-culture:
Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

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