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Friday, July 8, 2011

Creature Feature Friday: Vampires

 Welcome to the freak show, folks! Creature Feature Friday will be haunting the blog for the next few Fridays, and some of my blogger friends and I will be representing our favorite paranormals.

There's an abundance of them out there and we're all die hard fans, so in the weeks to come you'll hear our takes on our chosen species. We'll tell you what they are, who they are, why we love them, and, most importantly, where you can find them. Keep checking back for fangs, fur, fins and more!

Today Sherry from Flipping Pages for All Ages is here to share her undying love for vampires...

What is a vampire?
Vampire: Drinks blood *MOST of the time*, Has fangs *MOST of the time*, Superhuman strength and speed, Usually very attractive (See picture below, to learn more about picture below go to question 4). (WOW it’s getting harder and harder to just describe a vampire… THANKS TWILIGHT!)

What do you love about vampires?
Ahhh where to start! Stories about vampires have been around for a very long time. They have been tweaked here and there, but essentially they have always been the same creature. In all honesty, the vampire is something that should be feared, and in some cases they are, but there are definitely those vamps out there that get our blood boiling. Good or bad, most vampires have charisma and can charm their way into your life, gain your trust, get access to your home, hence why they are so dangerous, as well as alluring. (Does the name Damon Salvatore mean anything to you?) They can be very attractive, they are immortal, they pretty much kick ass. I mean, these are the reasons why we are so drawn to them (as are the people in the stories and movies, even though they know they shouldn’t be). Overall, I enjoy reading about them and watching them in movies and shows. They are exciting and intriguing. When a vampire is involved, there is usually plenty of action and romance!

 Favorite vampire in fiction:
I always really hate just picking one because that’s usually never the case. There is generally something I like and dislike about all characters. But since I have to choose… It’s going to have to be Adrian from Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy Series. Now I actually haven’t finished the books, but from what I have already read about Adrian he is a very likeable character (he does have his jerk moments). He’s tortured by his gift, good looking, and he can be amazingly sweet (as shown by the way he treats Rose). I wanted him to succeed, to get what he wants, and to be happy. I love reading scenes with him in it and I look forward to seeing how his story will evolve in the remaining book and in the future (spin-off series!!).

Favorite vampire in pop-culture:
Definitely Mick St. John from the T.V. series Moonlight (that got cancelled after one season even though it was voted as a People’s Favorite Show). A sexy vampire who works as a private investigator, that falls in love with someone he rescued once and who drinks blood from donor bags instead of harming people? How can one NOT like that??? (See picture above for further proof of sexiness (Recognize the actor, he now plays in Hawaii 5.0).

If you like vampires you should read...
Or watch...

1 comment:

  1. Great post. I too loved Mick St. John in Moonlight and hated that it was cancelled too soon. I also loved Vampire Academy, although I've only read the first book.

    However, I was shocked to see that Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles was left off your list. Have you read them? Some of the best vampires ever written are in those pages and Queen of the Damned is one of the best vampire novels ever written (IMO), although many would argue it's Interview with the Vampire. If you haven't read them, you really should...and add them to your list before some rabid Anne Rice fan (worse than me) comes and wreaks havoc of your comment section. LOL!