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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Author Insight: Reality TV Character Casting

What reality TV show would your main character most likely appear on and why?

"The main character of my most recent published novel, Rafe Goldberg, would probably have gone on that Gay or Straight show, where a contestant would have had to guess which of four guys is gay. He would have lost, since they would have guessed him fairly easily, much more easily than he’d like." - Bill Konigsberg, author of Openly Straight

"Is Survivor still on? (I really don't watch TV anymore) I can see Tavia on Survivor." - Aprilynne Pike, author of Life After Theft and Earthbound.

"Pawn Stars, maybe. I could see our character, Will, trying to hock something he thought was valuable, and getting $5 for it." - Lex Hrabe , co-author of Quarantine: The Loners

"Oh, God. Dante Walker would probably be on The Bachelor or something. He’d enjoy being surrounded by all the girls and cat fights." - Victoria Scott, author of The Collector.

"I don’t think any of my main characters would ever be on a reality show..seriously, never. And neither would I coincidentally..." -  Nora Raleigh Baskin, author of Surfacing.

"In Kyla’s world of 2054 in the UK, there is no reality TV: there are only three channels and all are government run. As for me, apart from Strictly Come Dancing (I believe it is called Dancing with the Stars in the US?) I’m not into reality TV, and I can’t see her ballroom dancing somehow!" - Teri Terry, author of Slated

"Let’s go with Survivor—because when push came to shove, that’s what she turned out to be. I think she’d be underestimated initially but ultimately become a leader others in the tribe look up to!" - Jeff Sampson, author of  Ravage

"My protagonist is 14 and lives in the 1800s, so this is a tough question. He doesn't sing, doesn't dance, doesn't do make-overs, isn't overweight, isn't old enough to marry... so I have to go on the title alone: Survivor. My main character has to figure out how to survive in tough circumstances, even though he's not on some far-away tropical island." - A.B. Westrick, author of Brotherhood

"Duck Dynasty…all of them! And there is absolutely no reason other than the fact that Duck Dynasty is the best show ever." - Molly McAdams, author of Taking Chances

"I think it would be fun to see all of them in a Big Brother/Real World type situation. Such differing personalities would certainly cause conflict. Plus, as a ghost, Alona wouldn't be visible to anyone but Will, which she would hate. And Ariane, as an alien/human hybrid desperately trying to avoid attention, would be ducking the cameras at every opportunity." - Stacey Kade, author of The Ghost & the Goth and The Rules

"Lost? Survivor? Both words apply to Angie Chapman and her ordeal." - Liz Coley, author of Pretty Girl-13. 

"I'm going to go with the main character from my current contemporary and say The Amazing Race. Because she's never really been anywhere, but she's desperate to travel and get out of her town and prove herself. Also, because I always wanted to be on The Amazing Race, too. So . . . projecting my desires onto my character." - Kristin Halbrook, author of Nobody But Us. 


"I’m afraid I don’t know much about reality TV shows…can Ezra go on QI, though? I think he’d like that. Particularly if the rest of the debate team was on with him." - Robyn Schneider, author of The Begining of Everything.

Come back Thursday to see which reality TV show 
the authors characters would be cast on.  

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