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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Literary Lures: Donna from Bites

Literary Lures is a new feature here at Wastepaper Prose that will run every Wednesday into the fall. Some awesome bloggers will be stopping by to tell you what hooks them on books and give some recommendations of books they love.

Donna from Bites is here today to talk about why books get her attention. She'll confess what kind of romance sucks her in, what the most powerful literary lure are for her, and what type of character always pulls her into a story. 

Where you can find her... 

List the top three things that hook you into buying a book.
A solid blurb really needs to pull me in and sound like something I haven't really read before.  In short it needs to stand out.  No standing out, no picking up.  If my trusted sources tell me it's something I need to read in order to keep the earth from getting thrown off it's axis I'l pick it up.  Or if it's by an author I already really like I'll be ready to grab it.

What type of storyline never fails to grab your attention? 
A strong yet imperfect MC that goes through hell and back to accomplish some kind of feat in the end.  I like characters that don't have it easy, that need to earn every inch of their story and where the authors are ruthless in getting it done.

What kind of love stories do you always fall for? What makes you want to root for those couples?
I generally avoid love stories for the most part.  But I have been suckered in by something resembling romance but it had a darker touch to it.  There was a deviousness that took away that sickly sweet factor that I tend to find with other romances.

Some books get released as quickly as you snatched them up. What makes you put a book down and how do you know it’s time?  
If I find myself no longer compelled to read on I'll get it go.  I need to want to keep reading something.  I need to have the book screaming at me to keep going.  Once that voice goes away, once it just becomes yet another book in the sea of many then it's time for me to move on.  There are far too many books out there for me to waste my time on something I'm not really loving.

Books that have hooked Donna: 

1 comment:

  1. Totally agree with the things that get you to pick up a book. I'll admit, one of the big things for me is the cover...if it captures my attention, I might buy the book just so it will look pretty on my bookshelf. But I always read the blurb to decide if I am interested in reading it.