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Friday, February 17, 2012

Wastepaper Prose has a new team member!

It's been a few weeks in the making, but Lynsey from Narratively Speaking is joining Wastepaper Prose. She's an experienced blogger and friend I've known for a while, and she brings with her an abundance of experience and of course a love of books.

A couple months back she took an unofficial hiatus from blogging because life got hectic as it sometimes does and returning to blogging has been hard given the constant onslaught of the real world. But she doesn't want to give it up, and I didn't want the blogging world to lose her. That's why we've forged a partnership and she's agreed to post her reviews here at Wastepaper Prose. It's less stress for Lynsey and another set of hands to help Jess and I when the real world is getting the better of us.

Check Lynsey out on the About page, visit Narratively Speaking to read her post, and please join me in welcoming Lynsey to her new home here at Wastepaper Prose. We're thrilled to have her!