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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jennifer Murgia Event & Giveaway

I love getting the chance to see Jennifer Murgia at events. I recently went to see her at her release party for Lemniscate, the sequel to Angel Star. There was a promise of cupcakes!

I've been to see her twice, and both times she's been sweet and funny and takes every attempt to engage one on one with her readers, which I think is awesome. It always makes for a great event. I just wish getting to them proved easier.

Late last year, Meaghan from A Bookworm's Haven and I jumped in the car early one morning to make the long drive from Virginia to Pennsylvania. We hit a little bit of traffic, but it wasn't until we got into Easton that we hit problems.

The GPS drove us in circles for a while and tried to take us down a road that didn't go through to our destination. We thought we were totally lost, but it turned out we were right around the corner. *headdesk* Then we'd made plans with Jennifer to eat lunch at a restaurant that didn't open until 4pm. *facepalm*

This trip didn't prove to be much better. Again, we left super early, leaving plenty of extra time for traffic, GPS screw-ups, rampant zoo animals, alien abduction, etc. The supposed three and a half hour trip took five grueling hours. Needless to say, we were late.

As soon as we escaped the car the day instantly improved. We found our way into the Exton Mall and to Waldenbooks to find Jennifer introducing herself and her latest book, Lemniscate. And there were cupcakes, as promised!

Jennifer did a reading from Lemniscate then took questions from the 20 or so people who had come out to see her. Meaghan and I wanted the store while others got their books signed then made our way over to get our books signed. I got a pair of books signed for you guys too! Just fill out the form below....


  1. It's funny, everytime I read an author event post, the GPS takes them so far out of the way.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you trip went that bad! Hope you didn't miss ALL of the fun :)

    Awesome giveaway, though I can't participate since I'm international :/

  3. Awesome giveaway! Bet those cupcakes were delish :D