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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ye Olde Rennaisance Faire and one hungry girl

I'm a sucker for a good rennaisance festival, so when Monica from Bibliophilic Book Blog invited me to one in Maryland I didn't need any convincing. I mentioned our planned outing to Tess, a friend and bookseller at Fountain Bookstore, and what she said really kicked started the excitement, mostly because we wanted to see if she could do it.

"I'm going to eat my way through the Rennaisance Faire!"

Monica and The Thomas Schroeder
ft. his Robin Hood hat.

And she wasn't lying. My boyfriend (Apologies that there is no photographic evidence of his existence.) and I picked Tess up that morning and drove to Monica's house where we started out day with homemade waffles. When we arrived at the fair we immediately got caught up in the costumes. Pirates and wenches and fairies, oh my!

After exploring a bit and finding Monica and her husband, THE Thomas Schroeder, some grog (because that is the only term appropriate to a renn faire), we played Dunk the Wench. The wench Tom tried to dunk was particularly surly, mocking his feathered cap. "Are you Peter of one of the merry men?"

Tess and I.
We played the game where you toss ping pong balls into cups and win things, and Tess scored a cool renn faire mug. Next came our first stop for food. I went with my traditional renn faire food - ribbon fries. Monica got the same and cheese bites because, no matter where we eat, she has to get cheese sticks/fritters/balls/etc if they have them. But Tess, she started slow with the familiar and broke into a run. She's kind of a skinny mini, so I have no idea where she put it all!

Over the course of the day Tess ingested fried mac n' cheese, spicy nuts, a pretzel, sausage on a stick, chocolate-covered cheesecake on a stick, and a turkey leg. I was duely impressed and I bow to her intestinal fortitude.

Tess with her sausage.
Later came sword, star and axe throwing. I was awful at sword throwing and adequate at star throwing, but I excel at axe throwing! Out of the gate I stick one in the the wall, and teh next I put one in the target. YES!

Hack & Slash, a comedy show on one of the stages was the next order of business. It was a hillarious mix of quips and physical comedy. Things they promised we would see during the show:
  • High altitude beaver punting.
  • "I will do a back flip and land in my own navel."
  • "And I will solve the hurricane problem by giving the entire Louisiana Purchase back to France."

It was an awesome day with awesome friends, and totally worth the drive. Renn Faires! HAZAA!


  1. I've been trying to get to one of these for years now. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

  2. Gah. What is wrong with my face? At least Tom looks decent. lol.

    That was a fun time :0 Glad you guys came up.