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Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Author Insight: Never say die (and the winners!)

When you’re feeling defeated and are ready to quit, how do you convince yourself to keep going?
"I’m terrible at convincing myself, but I have very good friends who wouldn’t let me quit. Without them A Touch Mortal wouldn’t have been finished, let alone published. The writing community is just awesomely supportive.s such magic in being on the road. Anything can happen." - Leah Clifford, author of A Touch Mortal.

"I turn on the pot of water and make myself a stiff cup of green tea. Does the trick every time." - Daisy Whitney, author of The Mockingbirds.

"I think about having to go back to my last job.  That’s inspiration enough to try to make this writer thing work." - Jen Nadol, author of The Mark.


"I did change mediums a few times. First writing, then music, then acting, before I finally came back to writing again. But I don't think I've ever considered not creating things. I don't think I could quit like that. And since I know writing is my best medium, I think I'm kind of stuck. But really, the trick is to continue to find the joy in writing. And as far as I know, the only way to do that is to write from the heart and not worry about what people tell you that you should be writing." - Jon Skovron, author of Struts & Frets.

"Pre-agent and pre-deal, I continuously reminded myself how much I loved the process. I still do. It’s the best job in the world. Naturally, there are days when I’m less motivated than others. It helps to tackle a book scene by scene. Often the scope of a novel can seem daunting, particularly at the beginning. Chapters and scenes, however, are manageable. Maybe I should have listed the Little Engine that Could in the preceding question. Sometimes the simplest messages can keep you going. You really do have to think you can ... and then just put your head down and climb." - Wendy Delsol, author of Stork. 

"I let the process of writing motivate me. You have to believe the writing is enough - or else, why bother at all?" - Rebecca Maizel, author of Infinite Days.

"Let’s just say that I have amazing (and very very patient friends.) Of course, chocolate also helps. Sometimes, if I’m feeling really down, I’ll go for a drive. I find that I have my best “ah-hah!” moments while driving or while doing other mundane activities that occupy my brain, like making a bracelet or beading a costume." - Kelly Creagh, author of Nevermore.


"I play loud pop music and sing at the top of my lungs - realize I"m a TERRIBLE singer and that's why I write. Then I get back to writing!"- Kody Keplinger, author of The DUFF.

"There are always going to be disappointments in the publishing field, just like in life, but when I look backwards to see how far I’ve come, I realize that trudging forward – even very slowly – is the only way to get to my destination.- Dianne Salerni, author of We Hear the Dead.

"I am incredibly competitive--but only with myself. In the end, I can't walk away from something if I don't feel like I've done my best to see it through. And even when I'm feeling bad about something I've written, I might walk away from that project, but I can't walk away from writing. I think this is because deep inside I  think/hope that I haven't done my best writing yet, so the race isn't finished." - Ally Condie, author of Matched.

"I just remind myself of the last time I quit. In my early 20s I convinced myself writing was a youthful indulgence and stopped cold. Two years later I was howling mad, not to mention impossible to live with. Lesson learned: any misery writing can bring me is nothing compared to the misery it saves me." - Phoebe Kitanidis, author of Whisper.

 "It might sound dark, but I actually actively think each day of my own death. I don't find it depressing at all - I find it uplifting. Death is the shadow that makes life shine all the more brightly. I'm relieved that I've written my way out of poverty, I'm relieved that I now have a sense of purpose, and I'm happy to be doing something that I love." - Lia Habel, author of Dearly, Departed.

 "I believe the right book, at the right time, can change your life – or save it. And that book is different for everyone. But when I read e-mails or letters from readers and they say Beautiful Creatures was the book that changed things for them, it pushes me to keep going." - Kami Garcia, co-author of Beautiful Creatures.

"Those defeated feelings often come from the business side of publishing. I try to remove myself from that end of things as long as I need to and just immerse myself in writing for the love of writing. Sometimes that means writing a story that I never expect to publish. Sometimes it’s just staying off the Internet. It doesn’t always work out, but most often it does. I also take L-tyrosine, a natural amino-acid, when I’m feeling down about writing, publishing, or life in general. It’s not for everyone, but for me it really helps!" - Denise Jaden, author of Losing Faith.

"I don't have that kind of internal struggle, where I want to quit. I always want to write, and if I didn't I would just stop, because without that internal drive there's no reason to do it. I have far more anxiety over external situations, things I can't control. Waiting and uncertainty are absolutely the worst parts of the publishing process. So I work on living in the moment and relaxing. Writing itself helps--if I'm writing, I'm usually happy."- Jennifer Hubbard, author of The Secret Year.

Thanks to all our wonderful authors for participating in this round of Author Insight! A new round featuring nearly three dozen more authors will begin on December 28 so be sure tocheck back.
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And now for the winners!

Grand Prize Winner: Lexie the Book Bug!
First Runner-up: Shanyn at Chick Loves Lit
Second Runner-up: Jessy B.
Third Runner-up: Pamela G.

Congratulations to you all. I've emailed you to get your book choices. Once I receive everyone's responses I'll get your winnings in the mail. Thanks to everyone who entered. Please stay tuned for more contests.


  1. Thanks for hosting this wonderful series! I have enjoyed reading the other authors' answers to all the questions,and I look forward to your next set.

    Congratulations to the winners!

  2. Thank you! Congrats to everyone else!

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  5. I am so jealous! Congrats winners!!!!! ♥♥