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Friday, May 14, 2010

Meet me at the Book Expo?

Wow am I nervous! I've seen several people put up BEA meet-up posts, including The Story Siren and Sharon Loves Books & Cats, so I decided to throw in with the cool kids and do one too.

Here goes... My name is Susan. I like long walks on the beach, soft jazz (the closer it is to elevator music, the better), full-bodied red wines... Alright! You caught me! I like exactly none of those things. I'm a recovering sodaholic, avid reader and aspiring fiction writer who is pretty laid back and tends to go with the flow.

But seriously, as I type this post, I feel kind of like I'm making one of those awful videos for a dating service, all the while wondering if it will go unwatched. I hope that's not the case, but if no one responds, I have a dog, a computer, and a stack of books that don't judge. I'll be fine without you!

(Stay tuned for the best "dating service" video ever!)

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