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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hello, World!!!

Two days. Three bloggers.
One farmhouse in the deep recesses of a rural Virginia county. 

No, it's not the start of a horror movie. Although, despite multiple reassurances, my fellows aren't entirely convinced everyone is leaving alive. Which, given our remote location at present and satellite Internet (you read that right), is a fair concern... 

In all seriousness, we've been away a long while, and we wanted to relaunch with gusto. What did we decide on you ask? We went old school, and we're bringing back the lock-in! 

We arrived last night at a farm house in very nearly the middle of nowhere - plenty of books in tow, of course. All the important decisions were made, such as whether pictures count and when to eat waffles. The answer is always if you were wondering, in fact we made them this morning at which point Tess stared down an offending kitchen appliance and uttered these words. 

"You embarrass me in my own house, waffle iron?" 

ALERT: The blueberries have seeped to the exterior, Evacuate that waffle!
And now, the reading has begun! 

I'm not making promises on how many books we will read, how consistently we'll be posting (again, satellite Internet) or how far we will get before the entire situation devolves. I mean, Wes is already in full belief that I will push him down the stairs at the first opportunity. 

What I can promise is that books will be read, shenanigans will ensue and a good time will be had by all. Wes may not look it, but he's happy to be here. He;'s just not happy that I am taking a picture of him being here. 

Wish us luck in our bookish endeavor. We hope to soon flood the blog with reviews of books new and old. We'll also be sure to update you on our progress here what shall be called the Reading Ranch for purposes of this blog. It's sure to be interesting. 

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