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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Author Insight: Story Starts

Tell us the first sentence of your most recent book.

"The Billings Zoo has no animals." - Bill Konigsberg, author of Openly Straight

"'She didn't mean to steal the purse.'" - Aprilynne Pike, author of Life After Theft and Earthbound.

"From Quarantine: The Saints: 'The outside. It was a place where things were alive, where forests grew, where your friends weren’t trying to kill you, and the air didn’t taste like dust.'" - Lex Hrabe , co-author of Quarantine: The Loners

"From The Liberators (Dante Walker #2): 'Real men don’t cross their legs.'" - Victoria Scott, author of The Collector.

"'Laura remembered the day it was taken, or rather she remembered it as soon as she saw the photo, pinned to the folding display panel, among all the others.'" -  Nora Raleigh Baskin, author of Surfacing.

"From Slated: 'I run.'" - Teri Terry, author of Slated

"'It was well after business hours, but BioZenith was alive with activity.'" - Jeff Sampson, author of  Ravage

"From Brotherhood: 'The first sound Shad heard was the squawk of a chicken.'" - A.B. Westrick, author of Brotherhood

"'Candice, you need to focus.'  WHEW. That's a pretty intense one." - Molly McAdams, author of Taking Chances

"From Project Paper Doll: The Rules: 'I have a dead girl's name.'" - Stacey Kade, author of The Ghost & the Goth and The Rules

"From unpublished manuscript: 'Last night I dreamed again of burning.'" - Liz Coley, author of Pretty Girl-13. 

"'I am one girl.'" - Kristin Halbrook, author of Nobody But Us. 

"From The Begining of Everything: 'Sometimes I think that everyone has a tragedy waiting for them, that the people buying milk in their pajamas or picking their noses at stoplights could be only moments away from disaster.'" - Robyn Schneider, author of The Begining of Everything.

Find out Thursday, how the rest of the authors started their latest story. 

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