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Monday, September 5, 2011

Getting your reading groove back...

Getting in a groove when you're reading can be tough. Life tends to encroach on reading time. There's work and family and errands and desperate attempts to maintain some semblance of a personal life.

This week weekend is really the first time I've had to sit down and get wrapped up in a good book. I've been going chapter by chapter whenever I can fit one in, so I was really looking forward to a three day weekend with no obligations. Alas, it was not to be. As I said before: Life intervenes.

A relative staying with my boyfriend and I moved out, friends we don't see often invited up to a birthday party, friends showed up from out of town and needed a place to stay, and the cherry atop the sundae was the brower-hijacking virus that cropped up on my computer last night. (That's why this post is so late you see. *sigh*)

So here it is,  one o'clock on Monday, five days into September is Read Your Own Books Month, and I only have one book read. Don't worry! I'm picking up speed, but it seems that the simple acting of existing lately has made me a magnet for drama, crisises, and various other demands on my time, all of which take away from reading, writing and blogging. The sad fact of the matter is that life has even managed to deprive me of my normal time-suck AKA Twitter.

But I am regaining control slowly. I have reclaimed my office, which was previously occupied by my relative in residence. That means I have a reading space with a closable door again. Ahhhh. My tiny literary oasis, how I'm missed you! 

So, what do you do when life takes over and reading falls by the wayside? Do you fit it in doctors' waiting rooms and on lunch breaks like me or do you have a different strategy? Blog about it and link to the Inlinks (the blue button) below. I'd love to hear how you keep the day to day grind at bay and make time for reading.


  1. I'm just getting my reading groove back too. I signed up for a few read-a-thons and slowly I'm finishing books.

  2. Hello!

    I feel the same way, I am new to book blogging and I am getting my reading groove on for sure-as I have quite the list of books to review, which is a good thing though! I am making my way through and they are all pretty awesome reads. To hit my groove, I read during breaks and I like to read different books at once. I will read a paperback at work and then on the computer at home and a paperback of course when I am and on the go.

    I read on the bus and whenever I can fit time in, it definitely helps that I have a collection of great books to read/review! Check them out at my blog when you can :)


  3. I'm slowly working my way back into my reading groove, too. My uncle was just in town for a week, so most days after work, I went up to my grandma's house with my family to visit. And well, you know how families are--we all get to blabbing and talking over each other, so very little reading got done. Now everything has quieted down again and I'm finishing up with The Time Traveler's Wife! :)