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Friday, February 25, 2011

CSN Stores and the chance cook like never before...

The lovely people at CSN Stores has contacted me again and offered me the chance to review another  product. It's so hard to choose when they come calling because they carry everything from office supplies to lighting to modern duvet covers. (Admittedly, I'm kind of a nut for duvet covers. Anywhere that sells a huge selection of them is my friend.)

Last time, naturally, I chose to review a bookshelf. It fit in the corner and was perfect for my office. It fits right above the file cabinet and holds about 50 books. Aside from some fumbling getting it mounted to the wall, it is awesome and suits my space needs wonderful. No complaints on that one. 

This time I'll be reviewing something totally not bookish. It only has to do with books in the fact that I have a positively gigantic collection of cookbooks. They have a dedicated 5-tier shelf in the dining room. I know. I know. But I like cooking! That's why I'll be reviewing a Lodge dutch oven from Cookware.com.

It's 6-quarts, emerald green, and a thing of beauty. Oh the things I'll be able to cook in it! Behold...

When I receive it and get to cooking I'll be sure to take pictures. We'll see how this thing performs together, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be my new favorite pan.

Caution: Dangerous website ahead. Money may be spent.
Check out all the cool studd CSN Stores has to offer.

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