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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tweet News (3)

What did you miss on Twitter this week?

Author Lisa Desrochers shares news about the cover of Personal Demons... TWEET.

Leah Clifford shared the cover of her debut novel, A Touch MortalTWEET.

Be the one of the first to see the cover of Lisa McMann’s new book, Cryer’s CrossTWEET.

The ARC fairy visited author Courtney Allison Moulton... TWEET.
Scott Westerfeld reveals the cover of his latest novel, Behemoth…  TWEET.

Author Lisa Desrochers posted another sneak peak of Personal DemonsTWEET.

Kiersten White, author of Paranormalcy, will be headed west this fall… TWEET.

HarperTeen interviewed author Phoebe Kitanidis…  TWEET.

HarperTeen showed off final copies of I Am Number Four…  TWEET.

NetGalley signs a new publisher…  TWEET.

Author Courtney Moulton shared the cover of her debut novel, Angelfire... TWEET. (Yes, this was on last week, but I'm a failure and didn't attach the link. Sorry!)